Future University In Egypt (FUE)
Future University is one of most promising private universities in Egypt. Through excellence in teaching, research and service, Future University strives to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that prepares our graduates to be future leaders.
Altagamoa Al Khames, Main centre of town, end of 90th Street
New Cairo

Faculty Staff

Assistant Lecturers

  • Youmna Ibrahim

    Full Time

    Youmna Ibrahim, Assistant Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Chemsirty - Department of pharmaceutical chemistry. She has a bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Future University in Egypt in 2011. ... Read more

  • Dina Khaled

    Full Time

    Dina Khaled, Assistant Lecturer at pharmacy practice & clinical pharmacy department , got her Master degree from Ain Shams University. ... Read more

  • Maryam Ahmed Bakr

    Full Time

    Maryam Ahmed, Teaching Assistant of Analytical Chemistry - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Graduated from faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences & Pharmaceutical Industries, Future University in Egypt, in june 2012. ... Read more

  • Eman Elmokadem

    Full Time

    Eman Elmokadem ,Assistant Lecturer at Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy department, she got her Master degree from Ain Shams University ... Read more

  • Nouran Omar El Said

    Full Time

    Nouran Omar, Assistant Lecturer at Pharmacy Practice & Clinical Pharmacy department , she got her Master degree in Clinical Pharmacy from Ain Shams University . ... Read more

  • Noha Mostafa Fathallah Fathi Mohamed

    Full Time

    Pharmacist Noha Mostafa, Assistant Lecturer of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants Department, She got her B.Sc degree at Cairo University ... Read more


    Full Time

    Pharmacist Yasmin Alaa-elDin, Assistant Lecturer of Pharmacognosy, Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants Department, She got her B.Sc degree at Misr International University ... Read more

  • Dina Yousry

    Full Time

    Dina Yousry, Teaching Assistant of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Department of pharmaceutical chemistry. Has has been graduated from the faculty of pharamacy, cairo university. ... Read more

  • Raghda Talal

    Full Time

    Teaching Assistant: Raghda Talal, Teaching Assistant in Pharmacology and Toxicology and Biochemistry department. ... Read more

  • Enas El-Maghawry

    Full Time

    Obtained Bachelor's Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from faculty of Pharmacy-Cairo University.Then obtained the Masters' Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Technology Department)-Faculty of Pharmacy- Cairo University in 2011. ... Read more

  • Amr Ali Abass Ahmed Hemeda

    Full Time

    Amr, BSc , Teaching assistant in Microbiology and Immunology department; BSc in pharmacy, Future university in Egypt. ... Read more

  • Sara El-Hanboushy

    Full Time

    Sara Abd El-Rasheed, assistant Lecturer of analytical chemistry - Pharmaceutical chemistry Department. She received her bachelor degree of pharmaceutical sciences,faculty of pharmacy, Future University in Egypt-with excellent degree-class 2011. ... Read more

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