Future University In Egypt (FUE)
Future University is one of most promising private universities in Egypt. Through excellence in teaching, research and service, Future University strives to provide a comprehensive, high-quality education that prepares our graduates to be future leaders.
Altagamoa Al Khames, Main centre of town, end of 90th Street
New Cairo

The Pharmaceutical Factory

Our Products

 Hair Care Products 
  • Styling Hair Gel
  • Shampoo 
  • Cream Shampoo
Skin care products: 
  • Moisturizing hand cream 
  • Body lotion 
  • Lip balm 
  • Lotion bar 
  • Shower foam 
Hygiene care products: 
  • Sanitizing hand gels 
  • Glycerin soap 
  • Foot powder 
Disinfectants/antiseptic products: 
  • Dettol 
  • Mouth wash (gargles)  
OTC products 
  • Teething gel 
  • Anti-rheumatic gel 
  • Vitamin C chewable tablets 
  • Lozenges 

The Pharmaceutical Factory

The Pharmaceutical Factory

Future factory is aiming at being different in both offered facilities to students and learning techniques. Our Products Hair Care Products Styling Hair GelShampoo Cream ShampooSkin care products: Moisturizing hand cream Body lotion Lip balm Lotion bar Shower foam Hygiene care products: Sanitizing hand gels Glycerin soap Foot powder Disinfectants/antiseptic products: Dettol Mouth wash (gargles)  OTC products Teething gel Anti-rheumatic gel Tablets Vitamin C chewable tablets Lozenges  FUE

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