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Samar Hussein

Basic information

Name : Samar Hussein
Title: Assistant Lecturer
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Personal Info: Samar Hussein,Assistant Lecturer at Biochemistry section,Pharmcology,toxicology and Biochemistry department. She got her Bachelor degreee Ain Shams University.


Certificate Major University Year
Masters 2020
Bachelor 2011

Researches /Publications

Serum ROCK2, miR-300 and miR-450b-5p levels in two different clinical phenotypes of multiple sclerosis: Relation to patient disability and disease progression

Samar Hussein Ibrahim Mohamed

Mai sleem,Karim M El-Mehdawy , Maha M El-Sawalhi , Amira A Shaheen.


Relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) is the most prevalent MS subtype. Years after disease onset, most of RRMS patients show transition into secondary progressive form (SPMS). Currently, no biomarkers are available for tracking disease progression. Here, we observed marked elevation of Rho-associated protein kinase 2 (ROCK2) along with significant downregulation of miRNAs 300 and 450b-5p expressions in the serum of 39 RRMS and 35 SPMS Egyptian patients compared to healthy controls. More pronounced alterations were found in SPMS versus RRMS patients. Our findings also suggest relations between elevated ROCK2 and reduced expression of both miRNAs with the degree of disability and disease progression. Notably, these biomarkers effectively discriminated RRMS from SPMS patients with miR-450b-5p showing the highest prognostic power.

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