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The Pharmaceutical Factory

The Pharmaceutical Factory

About Future Factory

The Future Factory for Industrial Training’s (FFIT) aim is to be recognized for its unique training facility as well as its advanced techniques. As a result, we established a training pharmaceutical plant, that provides an actual simulation of an industrial atmosphere with the processes and procedures that take place in the manufacturing world. Thus, students gain experience using various types of equipment starting from receiving the raw material, formulation, production up until the delivery of the final product and its being tested for the quality control of the manufactured product.


The overall goal of the FFIT is to:
  • ensure teaching both undergraduates and postgraduates the art of formulation, basic knowledge on how to make any drug formula following different dosage forms. The Factory provides opportunities for training, learning and hands-on application as well as developing trainees’ innovative skills and leadership skills in the field of pharmaceuticals
  • translate scientific pharmaceutical discoveries from research theory into practice
  • open a window to owners of pharmacies to start making a fingerprint OTC prescription in their pharmacies
  • provide the factory with the latest equipment the market needs for the pharmaceutical industries
  • be one of the top educational pharmaceutical factories in the Middle East