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Vision and Mission


The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a part of a cooperative effort throughout the faculty to achieve its vision by fully preparing students for different aspects of medicinal chemistry. We envision our students becoming skilled and competent in all topics covered by the department, including physical, analytical, and organic chemistry, as well as instrumental analysis and quality control, in addition to those subjects essential for medicinal chemistry, drug design, and their development. 


  • To impart an in-depth knowledge about all chemical aspects of drugs and natural products, such as their structure, synthesis, isolation, and their structural activity in relationship with pharmacological activity.
  • Provide learning experiences based on the best educational practices for all students, served by the department.
  • Achieve success in understanding drug design, in its development by traditional procedures and computer- aided techniques, and in designing sophisticated analytical and bio-analytical methods.
  • Provide teaching is based on the latest and most advanced trends in different fields of pharmaceutical chemistry.