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Agreements and Partnerships

University College Cork, Ireland

Agreements and Partnerships

The School of Pharmacy of University College Cork (UCC) signed an academic collaboration agreement with Future University in Egypt during their academic team visit to FUE Campus on March 2014.

According to this agreement, UCC will support FUE in the delivery of a five year Pharmacy degree program.

The terms of the cooperation agreement will enable FUE to deliver an enhanced program based on the UCC B. Pharm curriculum with appropriate mentoring and support from UCC. Thus, the cooperation agreement is considered to be a first step leading to enhancing the international standing of FUE current pharmacy program, particularly in the areas of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice reflecting the best practices of a European pharmacy degree.

Each student who successfully completes the revised pharmacy program in FUE will receive a degree transcript from FUE.

A certificate bearing the UCC logo will be provided to each graduate of the proposed program delivered by FUE and will be signed by the Registrar, by the Senior Vice President of UCC, and by the Dean of the UCC School of Pharmacy.

The common aspirations and purposes of the two universities will be reflected through a number of ongoing activities such as students & Professors' exchanges, seminars, research projects, exchange of visits of academic teams from the two entities as well as regular annual audits conducted by UCC team assessing continuing progress and improvements in FUE School of Pharmacy curriculum.